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We are deep into celebration mode for my new release, Raging Storm. This is book 2 in my Remnant series.

  • Overshadowed – free prequel
  • Deep Shadows – book 1
  • Raging Storm – book 2

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Celebrations will continue all month, so check back for particulars. This week:

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In the opening page of Raging Storm you’ll see this verse from 2 Kings, chapter 19, verse 4. “Pray for the remnant that still survives.” This series is about that very thing–those who remain faithful to the call of Christ in the darkest of times. And with that faithfulness comes hope. I hope you enjoy the story!


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Amish Fun Facts 2

Amish fun facts Comments: 2

Time for some more Amish fun facts! I hope you enjoy these. Click on each picture to enlarge it, and feel free to share on your Facebook pages or twitter feeds or just forward the email to someone who enjoys learning about the Amish. These are all pictures that I took while visiting Amish communities in Ohio and Indiana. If you ever get the chance, they’re both wonderful places to go.

Feel free to chime in with your comments/observations. I know that the Amish do things differently in different communities, so your experience might have been different than mine.



Announcements for this week:

  • My next Amish book will be What the Bishop Saw, and it takes place in Monte Vista, Colorado. Pre-order details here.
  • My publisher is offering free shipping on paperback versions of Raging Storm and a price of $10.49. Use promo promo code RAGINGSTORM when you checkout.
  • CBD is offering paperback versions of Raging Storm for $8.99. That’s 40% off.
  • Our Goodreads giveaway began and will continue through the 28th. We’re giving away 10 copies of Raging StormClick here to enter.
  • Lots of blog stops and giveaways. Click here to learn more.

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