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The holidays are a busy time, a time we look forward to, and sometimes a stressful time. Those of us who are readers, sometimes retreat into our fictional world. It’s a nice place where people care about one another, the girl meets the boy, and there’s always a happy ending. If you’re needing that kind of entertainment, use the Books/Booklist button above. Books also make a great holiday gift, and you can gift ebooks as well as paperbacks!

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This is a special time of year, a time of holidays and celebrations, family and faith. We can learn to do that more simply from the Amish. It is possible to avoid the stress of the holidays! My prayer as you click around my page and read my books is that you will be reminded of the peace and joy and love and grace of our Lord.


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Keeping Christmas Simple

Amish Holidays, Contest Comments: 30

Nativity Christmas ornaments on gold.
I believe that one reason Amish fiction is so popular is that we all long for simpler times.

For me, that’s especially true during the holidays. I enjoy being “out and about” to celebrate the season, but not if there’s a large crowd. And my heart longs to spend time at home, curled up in front of the fire with my family. So what can we learn from the Amish about Christmas preparation?

  • People over things. During the weeks before Christmas, there’s a lot to get done. But maybe not all of that “stuff” has to be done. If you have a choice between rushing around decorating or shopping…vs spending time with a friend/family member, choose the second.
  • Don’t overspend. Culture teaches us that we can make our loved ones happy if we just find the perfect gift, but is that true? Gifts are symbolic of how much we care for someone, and there are other ways we can show we care.
  • Take time for the spiritual. This is a holy season, but often things related to our faith get pushed to the back burner in the rush and worry of Christmas. This year take time to attend a local service, read the Christmas story from your Bible, and pray.
  • Surprise someone. So much of what we love about the holiday is seeing joy in someone else’s eyes and feeling like we brightened their world. Reach out to a neighbor, an elderly person from your church, or a struggling young family. This doesn’t have to cost money. You can bake a plate of cookies.
  • Rest. Too often when the holidays are over we find ourselves exhausted and depressed. This year vow to take care of yourself, to rest when you need rest, to curl up in front of the fire when you need peace, and to take care of yourself physically by eating right and exercising.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us a way that you have learned to simplify the celebration of Christmas.



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